Bitcoin Price and Market Research

Bitcoins are now used by many of merchant to receive and do a payment. Some of them also use bitcoin as a trading platform to be traded with real money like united states dollar or anything related to another cryptocurrency. This is a new way of payment because people can heavily use it without worried of being tracked.

There are also bitcoin analysis that has been done by Teeka Tiwari as a great researcher related to cryptocurreny. You can see at his analysis related to bitcoin price and future investments related to the cryptocurrency.

Imagine that you own bitcoins 5 years ago, maybe 10 bitcoins are enough for you to buy a small great house now. No one can exactly predict the future, so analysis is one of human effort to predict the future, it can be right or wrong depend on the situation happened.

Future can be predicted by a deep analysis using great tools. You can use a data called history of things that become boom at the time and nothing at the first it release. For example, if your are in 1995 then you can buy many premiums one keyword domain that you want then you will become a rich people by selling those domains 15+ years later.

You can predict what is commodity that todays date is nothing but will be great in the future. This is need a deep on environment analysis and some amount of funds to buy the commodities for you to keep and reveal it when the commodities become booming with a high price.

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