Blend To The Sea Lovina and Menjangan Day Tour

lovina and menjangan tour
lovina and menjangan tour

Do you like to close to the sea?  Lovina and Menjangan Day Tour will bring you to blend to the sea. Lovina beach in Bali is famous for the dolphins. Not only about that sea mammal, you will also enjoy the sea paradise here. Moreover, after the dolphins show, snorkeling in Menjangan is a funtastic experience. The water, the sea, the creature, and the coral are perfect entertainment.

So, if you are ready to enjoy these paradises, come to Lovina and Menjangan tour is a perfect decision. You can plan your next trip in those both amazing places. These following pieces ofinformations will be so much useful for you. Put Lovina and Menjangan day tour on your vacation list to get your best attractions and enjoyment. Here are what you can enjoy there.

Dancing with Dolphins

This sea mammal is awesome as always. They are famous for its intelligence. As one of the smartest animals in the world, you can enjoy close with them. So, where you can see them dancing with you?. Yap …. the answer is in Lovina, Bali. This Bali paradise is famous for the Dolphins Show.

The location is quite far from the seaside. You have to come to the middle of the sea to enjoy their dancing show. But don’t worry about that, the local people will bring you to their point. You can rent a boat there and they will bring you to see the Dolphins. There you will get the best sea entertainment from the Dolphins. They will jump out and into the water. It is like they ask you to dance together with you. So, do you want to dance with them or just see it dancing in front of you ?. Come here to Lovina and get your own answer

Further, the best time to enjoy the Dolphins show is before the sun sinking to the west. Imagine, you can see the dolphins dancing on the water and get the sunset as your close friend, what an awesome moment right?. Take your picture there and you can give a funny face to your friends when telling your funtastic holiday in Lovina.

Perfect Harmony Underwater Life

After enjoying the dolphins show you can also come to Menjangan National Park, Bali. What you can enjoy there? the answer is a perfect underwater natural amusement. There you can see the fishes swim around you. The blue clear water adds the scenic view of it. The corals also attract you to close to them. Wow …. it is a perfect view right?. If you want to taste it, Lovina and Menjangan Day Tour is your best choice for next vacation.

Whether you want to enjoy Lovina and Menjangan you can come to wandernesia for your best partner. Wandernesia will bring you to Lovina and Menjangan to blend there with the sea. Your holiday will also be accompanied by some facilities to help feel the attraction here. if you want to get more information, visiting is a must suggestion. See ya in Lovina and Menjangan Day Tour with wandernesia.

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