Blend To The Sea Lovina and Menjangan Day Tour

lovina and menjangan tour
lovina and menjangan tour

Do you like to close to the sea?  Lovina and Menjangan Day Tour will bring you to blend to the sea. Lovina beach in Bali is famous for the dolphins. Not only about that sea mammal, you will also enjoy the sea paradise here. Moreover, after the dolphins show, snorkeling in Menjangan is a funtastic experience. The water, the sea, the creature, and the coral are perfect entertainment.

So, if you are ready to enjoy these paradises, come to Lovina and Menjangan tour is a perfect decision. You can plan your next trip in those both amazing places. These following pieces ofinformations will be so much useful for you. Put Lovina and Menjangan day tour on your vacation list to get your best attractions and enjoyment. Here are what you can enjoy there.

Dancing with Dolphins

This sea mammal is awesome as always. They are famous for its intelligence. As one of the smartest animals in the world, you can enjoy close with them. So, where you can see them dancing with you?. Yap …. the answer is in Lovina, Bali. This Bali paradise is famous for the Dolphins Show.

The location is quite far from the seaside. You have to come to the middle of the sea to enjoy their dancing show. But don’t worry about that, the local people will bring you to their point. You can rent a boat there and they will bring you to see the Dolphins. There you will get the best sea entertainment from the Dolphins. They will jump out and into the water. It is like they ask you to dance together with you. So, do you want to dance with them or just see it dancing in front of you ?. Come here to Lovina and get your own answer

Further, the best time to enjoy the Dolphins show is before the sun sinking to the west. Imagine, you can see the dolphins dancing on the water and get the sunset as your close friend, what an awesome moment right?. Take your picture there and you can give a funny face to your friends when telling your funtastic holiday in Lovina.

Perfect Harmony Underwater Life

After enjoying the dolphins show you can also come to Menjangan National Park, Bali. What you can enjoy there? the answer is a perfect underwater natural amusement. There you can see the fishes swim around you. The blue clear water adds the scenic view of it. The corals also attract you to close to them. Wow …. it is a perfect view right?. If you want to taste it, Lovina and Menjangan Day Tour is your best choice for next vacation.

Whether you want to enjoy Lovina and Menjangan you can come to wandernesia for your best partner. Wandernesia will bring you to Lovina and Menjangan to blend there with the sea. Your holiday will also be accompanied by some facilities to help feel the attraction here. if you want to get more information, visiting is a must suggestion. See ya in Lovina and Menjangan Day Tour with wandernesia.

Bromo Tour Package Student Trip Cultural Tourism

Bromo Tour Package Student Trip Cultural Tourism . Nowadays, cultural tourism is trending and booming everywhere. Million travelers choose that style because they want to learn culture all over the world. The purposes are for self-development, recreation, and utilize cultural potential. Now, Bromo Tour Package will be more fun by adding exploration of Bromo ethnic culture. There is a tribe in Bromo called Tengger that has some interesting cultures and places of Tengger society. All of them can be learned by the tourists.

Bromo Tour Package Student Trip Cultural Tourism

Tourism Information Center (TIC), Tengger Cultural Art Museum, and Photo Gallery in Ngadisari Village Probolinggo East Java Province were established to support Bromo Tour Package Student Trip or Study tour. There is Mini Amphli Theatre in Art center to show the performances from dancer and Tengger various artists. There is also an Open Stage to show Reog Tengger. Sometimes, Reog Tengger is shown to welcome special guests from other regions or countries. Before holding that performance, there is a traditional ceremony and some foods that should be prepared, such as Sego Gulung, Ayu Bananas, Kinangan Komplet Cigarette, and Jenang Wonco. This is a chance for tourists to take pictures and learn more about the culture, art, and religion. If you come in the right time, luckily you could see religion ceremony as well, for examples Pujan Karo, Pujan Kapat, Pujan Kapitu, Pujan Kasada, etc. All the purpose of the events is to worship God and Goddesses. Actually all the ceremonies are scheduled every year, so travelers will be able to match the time of visit with the ceremony agendas.

This tour pvides involves nature, human, religion, art, and culture. It is not only about excursion, but also about coming to know human real life on earth. In conclusion, Bromo Tour Package student or study tour with cultural tourism is a complete trip and very worthy. It is recommended for travelers who want to enjoy art and tradition suported by

Bali Driver Tour Agent: Honeymoon Package

Hire private driver Bali tour agent is an agent that operates on driving you to all places during your holiday trip in Bali. Well, for some people probably hiring such a driver tour agent is wasting money. They will depend on some reviews made by people on the internet. Then they will try reaching the area by using another map application. For your information, following the map application is not totally wrong but somehow by hiring the tour agent will be much more effective thing to do. They know the exact place, they know the fastest route, and they know what other related places to visit.

Places to Visit in Bali

When you want to spend your honeymoon in Bali and you want to find a private car hire with driver Bali that have package for both of you in romantic but cultural places, Bali Driver Five has its special honeymoon package for you. This package will range from horse riding, romantic dinner, explore some destinations, stay in the hotel, and so on. For those who do not want to be confused in choosing places or spots to go to, this kind of package seems to understand you much better.

This honeymoon package made by Bali Driver Five costs $265. You will be accompanied by the English speaking driver who knows exactly what you want to have and do. Apart from other kinds of Bali driver tour agent, you can find the information of those names and pick the best one that offers the best itinerary to go through. They will offer different price but also different destinations but sometimes the higher package will take you to high class places with higher costs of the entrance fees that you do not need to pay anymore as it is included in the tour package. Bali Driver Five can be the trusted driver agent to send you to grasp the natural happiness.

Sairee Beach in Koh Tao Thailand

Sairee Beach in Koh Tao Thailand is the longest beach at the town, Koh Tao. The shore stretches from east to west as long as 1.85 kilometers long. It is also the busiest and most well-known beach at the town. Most tourists choose the beach as their destination to see while at the Koh Tao. The beach also has been well-maintained. Kinds of accommodations have been available in many spots. Besides, visitors also can find dive centers, bars, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers and amazing nightlife adventures.

Activities on the Sairee Beach

If you love beach time and having your skin’s getting in tan color, then Sairee Beach in Koh Tao Thailand is a great place to go. The feeling has more energy, and then try beach volleyball, football, and Frisbee. The underwater world of the beach with 30 meters coral reefs is also great to explore by snorkeling. The sea is rich in beautiful coral reef view and fishes, clear water and nice sand. For those who are going to travel with family and children, the beach is also perfect to go. When the sun is going down, Sairee Beach is also very wonderful with the magnificent sunset, enjoy the romantic atmosphere while relaxing.

Accommodation and Facilities in Sairee Beach in Koh Tao

As the most developed town in Koh Tao, Sairee Beach area has had many accommodations inconvenience. For those who need quieter and less busy atmosphere, you can choose to stay in a hotel at the north end of the beach line. There are many options of the hotel along the beach. Most of them are well-equipped with kinds of the feature such as air conditioner, swimming pool, and even diving class. Besides, kind of budget hotels is also available along the beach. The beach also has many restaurants, shops, diving schools, etc. All in one facility to have while enjoying the magnificent views of the beach.

How to Get to Sairee Beach in Koh Tao from Bangkok

To get into Sairee Beach in Koh Tao Thailand, you should first go to the Koh Samui or the mainland from Bangkok. You can choose to take a flight, by train or bus, and then from the mainland, you should continue to the Koh Tao by using a boat as long as 2-3 hours. There are several boats that sail regularly every day from the mainland to Koh Tao Island.

Places to Eat in Jakarta: the Ultimate Convenience!


Jakarta has so many very good restaurants to pick from. Not to worry though, it definitely has something for everyone. It is not really a walking city as there are so many cars, motorbikes and buses to avoid on the main roads but if you take a walk through the back streets it’s great to see people going about their daily lives and to get to know the locals. It is simply a stunning place which can be visited all the year round. It is a massively spread out city, and so if you have something you need to do in a certain area, its a good idea to stay in that area. If you’re relocating to Jakarta, the very first challenge you might wind up up against is the hunt for accommodation.

eating places in jakarta

Restaurants nowadays are buzzing with customers. This restaurant specifically mix this up with sliced chicken with skins, boiled eggs, and a few veggies. These restaurants are ideal for friendly gatherings where everyone may enjoy a wonderful meal together and delight in the sights and sounds of live music entertainment. They usually offer table service and a good variety of dished to choose from. They are typically open 24 hours a day, and consequently can be accessed by travelers arriving to the airport at any time. Like its name, this restaurant supplies you with with seafood menu in addition to Balinese cuisine. These special restaurants are found at Nongsa.

Must Read: Eating Places in Jakarta

The amount depends upon the form of restaurant, the range of diners, your generosity, and the overall quantity of the bill. 1 thing for certain, you would visit this restaurant over and over again due to the special menu. Chain restaurants like these are usually perfect for travelers that are short on time, have a smaller appetite, or desire to eat on a decrease budget.

Hotels offer a great collection of international and national fare. Located close to the airport, this hotel is among the most famed luxury hotels in Jakarta. There are lots of hotels spread throughout Jakarta and I would advise staying either in and about Menteng as it’s quite central and simple to have around the remaining portion of the city. There are a number of good hotels in Jakarta for tourists to remain in comfort. Just try doing a Google search, and it’ll return no less than a hundred distinct hotels and restaurants.

Direct Jakarta-Johor Bahru Flight by AirAsia

Direct Jakarta-Johor Bahru Flight by AirAsia

Direct Jakarta-Johor Bahru Flight by AirAsia

The direct flight from Jakarta to Johor Bahru is another international flight presented by AirAsia to support Indonesia getting more international tourists’ visits. The flight was launched on 10 January 2017 and then continued to the other additional flights’ routes from Kuala Lumpur to Lombok, Pekanbaru, and also Yogyakarta.

The International Flights on Demand

The Indonesian Minister of Tourism named Arief Yahya always checks the development of tourism sector in Indonesia. He always visits all airlines that commonly bring international tourists and one of the checked airlines is AirAsia. He stated that access to the airports and also fight operators should be supported well to increase the seating capacity because 75% of international tourists come to Indonesia by plane.

The other 25% international tourists come into Indonesia by ferries from Singapore and cross the border. All of the transportation modes will be checked so that the country can achieve their target of getting 15 millions of international tourists in 2017. The minister added that they would optimize all aspects to achieve the target.

AirAsia and the Great Service

AirAsia always gives great services to all of their passengers. In the launching of the new flight, they celebrated it by giving special souvenirs to all of the passengers of AK 1113 flight, especially those who flew from Jakarta at 8.50 pm and arrived in Johor Bahru at 11.40 pm.

The marketing director of AirAsia Indonesia named Iwan Kamaruddin said that the airline committed to developing the new interesting routes so they could invite many more international tourists visiting Indonesia. Besides, they also hoped that the people in Indonesia could reach kinds of international destinations.

The new Jakarta-Johor Bahru flight will also connect the passengers to AirAsia Group’s flight network to other international destinations like Guangzhou China and the Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam. So the travelers can have more destinations to visit.

Attractions in Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru is the capital city of Johor South Malaysia. It houses kinds of interesting attractions such as Legoland Resort Malaysia, Danga Bay, Hello Kitty Town, and also the shopping center called Johor Premium Outlet.

The international flight from Jakarta to Johor Bahru is operated by Malaysia AirAsia (with AK code). The fleet used is Airbus A320 with 180 seat capacity. Kinds of promotion program are always offered by AirAsia to provide low-cost flights for all travelers from Jakarta to Malaysia and other international destinations. Visit this page to see the available cheap tickets.