Direct Jakarta-Johor Bahru Flight by AirAsia

Direct Jakarta-Johor Bahru Flight by AirAsia

The direct flight from Jakarta to Johor Bahru is another international flight presented by AirAsia to support Indonesia getting more international tourists’ visits. The flight was launched on 10 January 2017 and then continued to the other additional flights’ routes from Kuala Lumpur to Lombok, Pekanbaru, and also Yogyakarta.

The International Flights on Demand

The Indonesian Minister of Tourism named Arief Yahya always checks the development of tourism sector in Indonesia. He always visits all airlines that commonly bring international tourists and one of the checked airlines is AirAsia. He stated that access to the airports and also fight operators should be supported well to increase the seating capacity because 75% of international tourists come to Indonesia by plane.

The other 25% international tourists come into Indonesia by ferries from Singapore and cross the border. All of the transportation modes will be checked so that the country can achieve their target of getting 15 millions of international tourists in 2017. The minister added that they would optimize all aspects to achieve the target.

AirAsia and the Great Service

AirAsia always gives great services to all of their passengers. In the launching of the new flight, they celebrated it by giving special souvenirs to all of the passengers of AK 1113 flight, especially those who flew from Jakarta at 8.50 pm and arrived in Johor Bahru at 11.40 pm.

The marketing director of AirAsia Indonesia named Iwan Kamaruddin said that the airline committed to developing the new interesting routes so they could invite many more international tourists visiting Indonesia. Besides, they also hoped that the people in Indonesia could reach kinds of international destinations.

The new Jakarta-Johor Bahru flight will also connect the passengers to AirAsia Group’s flight network to other international destinations like Guangzhou China and the Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam. So the travelers can have more destinations to visit.

Attractions in Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru is the capital city of Johor South Malaysia. It houses kinds of interesting attractions such as Legoland Resort Malaysia, Danga Bay, Hello Kitty Town, and also the shopping center called Johor Premium Outlet.

The international flight from Jakarta to Johor Bahru is operated by Malaysia AirAsia (with AK code). The fleet used is Airbus A320 with 180 seat capacity. Kinds of promotion program are always offered by AirAsia to provide low-cost flights for all travelers from Jakarta to Malaysia and other international destinations. Visit this page to see the available cheap tickets.

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