Disassembled, iPhone X Discovered 2 Batteries

Take off a few days after the release of iPhone X, many of the videos reviewing this year’s 10th anniversary of Apple’s special edition of the iPhone. Among a series of videos on YouTube around iPhone X, there’s an interesting video uploaded by a Chinese YouTuber.

As the name suggests, in the video titled ‘Teardown iPhone X’, a YouTuber tried to dissect the iPhone X to see the inside components. With the help of some tools, he tried to unlock the iPhone X from the side of the top screen and the upper hinge to the right.iphone x 2 Batteries

The first sight after dismantling, looks two battery bundles buried under the 5.8-inch OLED screen. Apparently, Apple must decide to separate the capacity in the two batteries to adjust the components around it.

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Two batteries that support different sized X-sized X, where the flat bottom is wider and the top 1/2 times smaller and slightly elongated. Apple chose not to impose capacity in one large battery.

In addition to two batteries, in the video duration of 15 minutes 13 seconds it also shows the iPhone X-sized motherboard is small. From KompasTekno’s monitoring on the GSM Arena page, the components of iPhone X are so detailed that it makes it difficult for the YouTuber to take the battery.

In the video, the uploader apologizes for the poor video quality.
He promised to upload videos with the same content with better quality.

The video is more clearly then uploaded by ifixit.com. Site gadgets unloading specialist was even then presents a step by step tutorial to unload this iPhone X.

Like what dual battery owned iPhone X, can be listened through the following video.

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