Ford Figo Staring To Launch In July

Brunt of the popularity cheap cars with the name of Ford Figo in Brazil will likely increasingly heated this in 2016. Ford in February just ‘take off’ his 2016 edition at Auto Expo event, now came the news that there will be new variants of the new 2017 Ford Figo or Ka with 1.0-liter engine which will be live debut in July.

Concept Ford Figo as a compact sedan and the new 2017 Ford Figo hatchback has been revealed as a concept last year Ford Ka will appear in the display at the Delhi Motor Show. This proves the automaker optimism against Ford Figo or also known as the Ford KA. How not?, Starting from the beginning of this year alone there are three models of the new 2017 Ford Figo officially been marketed in various parts of the world, such as the Ford Figo in 2016 as well as two variants of the sedan in India and Brazil.2017 ford mustang gt horsepower 2017 ford mustang gt500

Little style and has taken the platform of Ford Fiesta, Figo is believed to possess a solid body and lighter weight. 2017 Ford Figo will be carrying the ‘kitchen-runway’ ie engine 1.0-liter 3-cylinder that produces 86 hp with a peak torque of 105 Nm. With the power generated by the engine output Figo, the new 2017 Ford Figo hatchback is sure to be a favorite class, even this will pass through the achievement of Nissan Macrh who has appeared previously. New Figo or Ka is expected to release in early 2017. Also read: 2017 Ford Everest

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