Selling Little, Cadillac Still Surviving in Europe

Having successfully sold its business unit in Europe, Opel and Vauxhall to PSA Group, General Motors did not just disappear from the blue continent. They are still in business and focus on the niche market segment.

Quoting on Monday (7/3/2017) Mary Barra, CEO of GM said, it still continues the competition in the European market through its products Chevrolet Camaro, Covette, and also grow the Cadillac model.

“It is the current plan, to continue selling the models and brands in Europe. We will continue to grow Cadillac brand, and we will also continue to do that in a very disciplined way, “said Barra.2010 cts-v sedan specs

Cadillac has spent a decade trying to gain a foothold in Europe against BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. The three major German brands account for about 85 percent of the European premium market, or sell between 820,000 to 840,000 units by 2016, according to Automotive News Data Center.

While Cadillac has 45 dealers in Europe, generally in Germany and Switzerland, where only managed to sell 781 units in 2016 ago. But this figure increased 33 percent from a year earlier, in 2015.

General Motors is targeting to sell the Cadillac to 5,000 units by 2020. In the next few years they will also expand its dealership.

Rows of Cadillac models marketed in Europe are ATS compact sedan and kupe, midsize sedan CTS, CT6 full-size sedan, XT5 midsize crossover, and full-size Escalade SUV. Then there are also ATS-V models and CTS-V high-performance versions are also available. Also read: Cadillac Crossover Price Review

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