Are You Still Looking For Best Mountain Bike Under 300? Here Is The Guide

Is it possible that you will have the best mountain bike under 300 with high quality material and features? Absolutely. Nevertheless, many people don’t quite deal with the process of assessing the bike before buying it. If you don’t want to meet disaffection, spare your time to read this following guide.

– Take A Look At Suspension

It has to be in your mind that you will ride the bike to conquer mountain. Possibly any mountains. In this case, you need comfort while riding the bike. Therefore, make sure that the mountain bike which you would like to pick the best one with full suspension. Actually, this feature is not only for comfort but also reducing bounce while you are hitting the bumps. Therefore, the suspension will reduce the shake of your body.

– Size of Wheel

Do you have any idea about the wheel size for mountain bike? You should remember that the wheel is at least 26 inches. The bigger one will make you much easier to ride the bike even in quite high mountain. Therefore, it would be better for you to consult with those who have been experiencing riding the bike with different size of wheel.

– Gear

Are you sure that you want to bike in the high mount? If so, make sure that you have mountain bike with low gear. However, consider that you will not always do uphill riding. Something, the pathway is so mild and surely you don’t need lower gear, right? Therefore, try to choose the mountain bike with several gears.

Those are guides while you are trying to have the best mountain bike. Riding a bike can be useful sport for your health. However, it can be opposite when you don’t really know how to choose the best mountain bike under 300.

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